Friday, December 17, 2004


Anti-Wilsonian Whiners

Those of us who have bothered to read General Franks (ret.) book know what the current Bush Administration and Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld were trying to create with the modern army. Nowhere in that book, nor nowhere else of that I am aware, did it appear that the current administration ever assumed that war would be perfect or done in a matter of a few short months. In fact President Bush stated that it might take years beyond his administration (assuming an eight year term) to win the war.

Now the bitter people, people of the same moral core as those who could not see Reconstruction through and, thus, brought us years of racist segregation, are looking for a cut-and-run strategy that will make themselves look like heroes in the short term, but will be shown to be just as evil as those who sought a political solution in the late 19th century presidential election that saw a Republican win the presidency in an exchange for the end of Reconstruction. However, the lack of courage of the modern day senatorial cowards will hurt those abroad immediatel and those of us here in the United States soon as well (or so I predict).

Rumsfeld's tactics are not the problem, nor is the man.

The problem is the idea that Iraq can be a democracy, in the U.S. sense of a state, in January of 2005 without us stationing a large amount of troops there for decades. Although I will support this position as it is better than pulling out, the United States would be better off insstalling a federalist system that included three states: Kurdish, Sunni-Baathist, and Shia. This is nowhere near a perfect solution; but the regionalism that the forces are trying to deal with is one that ignores the the historic lines of the area. A constitutional monarchy based on this idea might be an acceptable idea as well.

The U.N. cannot handle this. If they could, Lebanon would not be a toy-state of Syria (where it appears that many tons of "materials" and money from Iraq flowed to prior to the latest Coalition invasion). Heck, the U.N. cannot fix Haiti!

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