Friday, December 17, 2004


Anti-Hewitt (whiner)

Okay, I have identified myself as generally anti-Hugh Hewiit due to his deep-rooted anti-Roman Catholic personal issues.

But since I do have one or two optimistic bones in my body, I occasionally check outhis webiste.

The questions that should have been asked are: Why did the National Cancer Institute suspend the study? I could give you Hewitt's answer, but then that would go against his early stated idea that he does not know what he is talking about:

My point is that the talking heads of cable land know as much about the drug approval process as I do about monster trucks.  And I don't know anything about monster trucks...

The full blog is linked above, so if you think I am out of line, just click and read. I understand that he is defending the 980 million to 1 billion dollars spent on each drug by U.S. companies prior to the drug being inserted into the market.

At least that is what it appears it is he is doing (oh, how Hewitt of me!).

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