Monday, November 01, 2004


Will the REAL Puppet Masters Please Stand Up!

Al Jeezera keeps releasing bits and pieces of translation from the tape of Osama "i'm not dead yet; I think I will go for a walk" bin-Laden. The latest spurt appears that OBL has been listening and watching not only Michael Moore's 9/11 propaganda pieces but to Bruce Springsteen as well. Why? OBL is now rambling on about his own "Glory Days" when the Soviets were the enemy who were bled dry economically. Of course, that assumes that Soviet communism was an otherwise vibrant and growing economy, and the Cold War made no significant impact on the Soviet Union's ultimate demise or preceived need to get out of Afghanistan. Face it OBL, it is time you moved to Paris and shared a room with Arafat.

Or maybe OBL, can replace the puppet in this children's show in New Zealand.

Well, maybe the economy might mean something in swing states. Who the heck knows? I'll stick with a Bush blowout in the electoral college (around 308 if I remember what I scribbled earlier on my whiteboard at work). If I am wrong, I am sure that Jeb will change his mind in four years. He should be a Fourth Degree Knight by then, thus OH and PA will be shoe-ins.

On a completely unrelated note, the Melbourne cup just went off. My friend Nick is probably wondering why the ladies don't dress like this at Santa Anita. Well maybe they do when the weather is warmer and the Latham-Kerry types have just been defeated at the polls. Perhaps you should try Hollywood Park in the Spring if Bush wins, Nick.

I don't know if this blog about Teresa Kerry is in any way accurate, but it would certainly explain the behavior she exhibited on The View last week that I cited in one of my blogs as being out of control. She could make Lincoln's wife seem very normal and reserved.

And Hugh Hewitt's book and claim that if it is not close, they (the Democrats) can't cheat is alive and well on Monday night in the Daschle campaign. I only wish I had given Thune more than $50 bucks.

In all reality, it is too close to call. But if you are a Bush supporter then click on Election Projection for some comforting news and GO TO BED!

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