Monday, November 01, 2004


USC v. California, Part II & the Packer Question

Well, for those of you who continue to insist that California is not important on the national stage, let us turn our eyes awary from politics to what really matters: FOOTBALL!

Predictions are rolling in the newspapers and on the radio waves predicting that should USC and Cal win out, and Auburn and Oklahoma each lose one game, USC and Cal would collide again in the Orange Bowl in Florida for the national championship game. Can't you just hear the east coast loons choking on their own bias? Well, my guess is that it won't happen since the bias people will get Dan Rather to do a story on a memo that it was all a plot to... oh, what am I saying (smirk)?!?!?! Let's just go back to the old way of doing things and to heck with the BCS. Wisconsin-USC Rose Bowl anyone?

If this is truly the year to end silly "curses," then perhaps the resurrection of the Packers' post-season hopes also means that the "Redskins predictor" of presidential elections is also coming to an end. Shouldn't we just let Favre pick the president? Let's see an apparently conservative southerner and a hunter. Do you think he was fooled by the staged goose hunt?

I think the real questions are "whether or not the evangelicals will show up at the polls?", and "whether or not there is a Reagan effect?" (people not willing to say they are going to vote for Bush out of fear of reprisal but do so anyway - which is exactly what happened in the recent Howard re-election in Australia).

About two weeks ago I played with the electoral college calculator linked below for the first time and got this result: Bush 308 - Kerry 230. I have since manipulated it several times, but I will go with the advice of one of my former history teachers in high school and go with my first answer (which is what he suggested all students do when they were not sure of the answer). I've usually been right when following that strategy.

Happy voting!

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