Tuesday, November 02, 2004


Silly Foreign MSM

The silly Sydney Morning Herald has proven once again to be a liberal rag (liberal in the political sense, and not the the Liberal Party of Australia). All through the recent elections in Australia, the SMH was swooning in ecstasy about the Latham campaign. They were very very wrong.

Now they chose to latch on to this idea that the bloggers in the U.S. are somehow tilting things for Kerry. I seriously doubt that a Kerry win will be attributed to lefty bloggers here, but it is interesting to note that the SMH has run an article that at least focuses on blogging even though it has, once again, picked the wrong side of political spectrum. Any serious reader of the net realize that it has been the right-side of the blogosphere making inroads, the most recent being being DaschleVThune

Panic boy, Matt Drudge, may have done himself a lot of short-term damage with his hysterical posts about early exit returns. The sample used was heavily skewed towards Kerry to begin with with over 59% of those polled being women.

As for the better side of blogs, Lileks has threatened to hide with a bottle of scotch tonight and ignore the results. I found it personally amusing that he would refer to the Scarlett Pimpernel as my copy of it was returned my another teacher today. Sink me, if his timing wasn't appropriate!

As for me, when the polls close at 8:00 p.m. tonight, I will remove my lawnsigns and remove my bumper stickers. Life goes on folks. We are all Americans first... at least I will try to abide by that idea until Kerrry appoints his first lefty to a cabinet post! (smirk!)

Sorry if there are more typos than usual... I am using the cruddy laptop while working, barefoot in the kitchen!

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