Wednesday, November 03, 2004


Sad and Bitter Educators

Many of the staff members are roaming around today with dejected looks on their faces. I, as you could probably guess by my last post, am walking around with a hard look of realism on my face: there is still Falujah with which to deal (and all of our other problems).

However, the bitterness (which I guess would have been intimidation if it had happened yesterday) extends to one of the break rooms for the faculty where someone put two toilet seat covers on the table with the words "Bush" and "Yea" written in black ink. On top of them is a piece of paper with the words: "Bush Victory Hats. Use properly and wear with pride."

Oh, they are just sooooooo tolerant!

I can't BELIEVE how utterly childish and untolerant your fellow teachers are !?!?! I'd expect that type behavior from the STUDENTS. That's cause for a harrassment suit hahaha Isn't there some law ..... no politics and religion in the break rooms ? How about reporting them for wasting materials (toilet seat covers and ink). I would gloat and rub their liberal little faces in it !
I let their actions speak for themselves.

So, when are you starting your own blog?
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