Wednesday, November 03, 2004


Morning Ruminations

George Bush has won. But all the giddiness has me wondering... How can so many Republicans be so elated when we only won by 3%?

Yes I realize that translates into a few million votes. But let's face it, the Democrats nominated a dog, and he still got 48% of the vote.

The early numbers on the Senate are encouraging with Republicans poised for a four seat pick up and NO MORE Tom Daschle. Maybe Senator Kerry will bother to show up for work now.

Even more encourageing, as George Stephanopolous just mentioned on Good Morning America, is that the number one issue cited in the exit polls was "values." Now, was that the number one issue for the Democrats who voted for Kerry as well? If so, what are their values? What about the last-minute undecided voters who finally decided? Is this an indication that the evangelicals realized that they have a moral responsibility to vote this time around (four million stayed home four years ago).

It is too early to be as giddy as some are. The answers are not in. It is like the fan who is excited that his team has won the game, but does not realize that many players were injured. How serious are the injuries? If they can be shaken of by the next game, then we can be giddy.

Of course it is hard to be giddy when one is Catholic living in a state with a Republican governor who has a moral compass as bent out of shape as Senator Kerry's. Arnold may find that he has about as much of a chance of winning as Kerry as the Catholics and evangelicals might just stay home should he run for president in four years (assuming a change in the Constitution that I am adamantly against). That should be enough to force Republicans to look elsewhere for a replacement to W (like Gov. Jeb Bush; and I know what Jeb has said about running for president).

Proposition 71, the stem-cell research FUNDING issue passed with almost 60% of the vote. Where does the magic money come from people? Our less than stellar recent bond performance tells me that this one will cost more than the estimated $6 billion dollars.

The Sydney Morning Herald is still getting wrong when they are trying to get it right about the impact of blogs on this election. I think they realize that they are part of MSM even though they are a foreign paper. They can rage into the night all they like, but they had better adapt before they become as irrelevant as Dan Rather. Okay, I'm a little giddy about this one!

I have now seen two Christmas commercials in the span of fifteen minutes. It appears the next campaign has already commenced.

Added at 8:34 a.m.:

Diane Sawyer, speaking with the Senator-elect Obama of Illinois, in reference to the values issues, asked if this country was religiously divided. What can this possibly mean? Does she think that there is a divide between two religious camps who have different core morals? Or was this yet another MSM swipe at religious people. Like Dennis Prager is fond of saying, there is no bigger biggot than a liberal attacking a person of faith.

Of course there is another bit of news that makes me a bit giddy, and that is that since the Senate has gone to 55 Republicans (probably), the future bodes well for the Supreme Court. And keep Cheif Justice Rehnquist in your prayers.

as seen only in the blog-o-sphere: "americans appear to have voted for john kerry before they voted against him." and, "the seven-hour presidency of jfk2."
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