Tuesday, November 02, 2004


Let the Intimidation Begin!

Overnight, one of Kerry's open-minded supporters went down our street and destroyed yard signs supporting Republican candidates and positions. Democrat signs were left untouched.

I reinstalled the Scolinos for Congress sign of my 60+ old widow neighbor whose son spent much of the early part of Gulf War II as medical doctor/officer in the Gulf. My Scolinos sign was untouched, but the petty night stalker went after my "Catholics against Kerry" sign. Perhaps my three little signs suffered the least amount of damage (only one was touched) since one of my other signs boasts "I am the NRA and I vote." You never know who might be lurking in the Bushes (pun intended).

Hugh Hewitt has many good links today and comments of his own.

Jimmy Carter has just returned from that bastion of democracy, Mexico (where all the elections ever held have been open and free), just in time to supervise, analyze and whine about our terrible election that begins today. If you must, NPR has an audio interview of the ex-President ponticating about the Constitution and other matters political.

That's it for now. Happy voting!

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