Monday, November 01, 2004


Kerry & Eminem... I was just KIDDING!

Well, last week when I wrote that Kerry and Eminem should get together, I was kidding. Now I realize that no one at the Kerry campaign is reading my blog, but what has happened makes me think that maybe I am wrong. Maybe Kerry will appoint Eminem as Ambassador to Paris.

but they ARE reading uscgop, matt! how else do you get to the kerry "we are all americans" message post-obl-tape? the pollsters surely didn't tell him what to say . . . errr . . . maybe they didn't?? . . . nah, no presidential candidate could be that craven for power; thus, he must be a uscgop reader.
Well, there has to be at least ONE Purdue staffer on the campaign for K-E!
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