Monday, November 01, 2004


Boston's Own Paper Zings Kerry

Thanks to Brett for this interesting story that really focuses on Kerry's Machiavellian type character.

kudos for the props on teh scoop ["teh" is not a sic, it is a geek], my friend -- but i am looking for a more descriptive and relevant "intarweb" [geekspeak, again] alias -- how about "mysterydrinker" -- i will look into it, and if my lame-ass blog changes to that moniker, i will let you know -- heh -- btw, uscgop is MUCH better than my lame blog and i am "hellajealous" (in the words of cartman)
I imagine it is much easier to try and train current young Raider fans from going to jail then to get them out, thus I have more time during the day to fire off screedy missives!
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